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There's a real trick to making hard bloody work look effortless.

Take a look at Usain Bolt or Mo Farah - they've spent years working, countless hours training their bodies, but in the end it all looks remarkably easy.

It's something that springs to mind when checking out Liverpool newcomers Zuzu. Slacker pop with a lo-fi vibe, the band seem utterly at ease with themselves.

Scuzzed up indie rock that recalls The Breeders, Elastica, or Courtney Barnett, debut single 'Get Off' offers up a remarkable, self-contained universe.

A taut, precise, snarling beast, it all seems remarkably natural... almost easy. Clash has first dibs on the video, and it takes Zuzu back to the rehearsal room where the song was written.

Check it out now.

'Get Off' is available right now via Hand In Hive. Catch Zuzu playing a Good Karma Club show at The Islington,​ London on November​ 24th.

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