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Yoko Ono

Often viewed as a stern, remote figure, in reality Yoko Ono has a coy, playful side.

Settling down to record a new album, this is clearly something the Japanese artist wanted to accentuate. Despite its title, 'Take Me To The Land Of Hell' features some moments of real lightness, with Yoko Ono even throwing in the odd self-deprecating joke or two.

'Bad Dancer' is a case in point. Produced by Ad-Rock and Mike D of the Beastie Boys, the track finds Yoko Ono bemoaning her dancing skills as the beat develops around her.

The video for the track echoes the all-star nature of the music. In total, the following artists make guest appearances: Ad Rock and Mike D, Ani Taj & Dance Cartel, Greg Saunier, Heems, Ira Glass, Josh Fox, Justin Vivian Bond, Questlove, Reggie Watts, Roberta Flack, Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori.

"These are creative people and they have unique movements. They don't move like other people do" Yoko Ono told Rolling Stone. "'Bad Dancer' is a comedy, really, and I wanted this to be fun, not too serious."

Filmed in Brooklyn, New York, and directed by Ben Dickinson, you can watch the video for 'Bad Dancer' on Clash now.

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