It's a labour of love...

There's no one else around like Wastefellow.

The Irish auteur is following a singular dream, his fizzing electronics set against that high, keening falsetto, both beautiful and unsettling at the same time.

Real name Diolmhain Ingram Roche, he excels on new release 'Fizzy Lifting Drinks', with its billowing extra-dimensional melodies and other-worldly production.

A highly potent, highly personal track, Wastefellow teamed with Conor Donoghue on the video, a true labour of love that took months to achieve.

In the clip Doilmhain walks through walls, the sharp edits creating a hallucinatory viewing experience. Conor Donoghue explains...

"The concept of Diolmhain walking through different scenes was inspired a few months back when Diolmhain sent me the track. At the time I watching far too many Tik Tok meme compilations on YouTube than one man should. I thought how the people interacted and moved between two or more different videos was pretty interesting looking and I thought 'hey, that could work' but instead have the videos constantly scrolling passed the screen so the momentum is never lost."

"Each scene was shot portrait, keeping Diolmhain’s size and the distance he had to walk in the frame the same. This was so that he could stay relatively in middle of the video. After a lot of bad maths, tests, many days of shooting and a lot of favours from friends (which I am ridiculously thankful for) we finished the video. It was the most fun I’ve had shooting a music video and I hope it shows."

Tune in now.

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