Watch the adorable video...

Vök make this breathtakingly infectious, ludicrously original pop music.

Hailing from Iceland, their pristine brand of electronic pop plays solely by its own rules, and that's precisely why we love it.

Set to play Iceland Airwaves this week, the group then take off around Europe for a flurry of shows.

New single 'In The Dark' will be the soundtrack, and it's a glorious return, an immaculately conceived piece of digi-pop bedlam.

Out now, the full video was steered by director Ágúst Elí Ásgeirsson and it fully wrings out those adolescent feelings in the lyric.

He comments: "The video tries to capture what it is like to be an indie teenager in Reykjavík. Our main character, Vera (we gave her that name during production for convenience sake), is kind of like the female version of myself when I was 18 years old. I was super indie, many of my friends were in bands and I showed up to every single one of their concerts."

"Most of the time I would show up alone because I knew there were going to be cool people at the concert to socialise with (and when I say cool, I mean super lame (we were all super lame)). The video also deals with the concept of suddenly being super anxious for no reason while partying in downtown Reykjavík (or like we say in Iceland: being on the “djamm”), we are an extremely anxious nation in general so I think many people can relate."

The video itself is a lush, lavishly constructed animated affair, cute and colourful in equal measure. Vök singer Margrét Rán adds:

"So basically, we had always fantasised about having an epic animation music video. I’ve been a hardcore Gorillaz fan since day 1 so for many years we’d been talking about it but never taken it further cause it would probably cost more than a car..."

"Then our friend Ágúst Elí came about and was up for the mission and I must say I couldn’t be happier with the results. He executes the meaning of the song perfectly, how you’re constantly battling yourself and your inner thoughts so only you can face your fears, no one else will. I was really scared of the dark when I was younger, so I used that as the main inspiration for the song and Ágúst Elí got the storyline right on point. It happens in the heart of snowy downtown Reykjavík on a normal day then things go sideways..."

Tune in now.

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