Battles man on his new album

Battles singer turned solo star Tyondai Braxton has issued a new track by track guide to his latest album.

Battles aren't like any other group on the planet. Sure, plenty try but no one can quite replicate their dizzying blend of rock, free jazz and electronics.

Debut album 'Mirrored' was a surprise success, perhaps due to Battles love of chunky riffs amid their head splitting weirdness. Live, the band are simply incendiary capable of sending crowds of thousands into delirium.

Lead singer Tyondai Braxton is a noted solo artist in his own right. Taking time away from the math rock gods the singer recently released his latest effort, titled 'Central Market'.

An illuminating insight into the singer's influences and his plans for Battles future material, the album stands as a solid artistic statement in its own right.

With a new deluxe edition of 'Central Market' due for release shortly Tyondai Braxton has issued a track by track guide to the album.

Watch it now...

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