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Songwriter Toby Johnson swoops to conquer on new single 'Chaos'.

A warming piece of acoustic songwriting, 'Chaos' is about learning to move beyond life's difficulties, accepting the ups as well as the downs.

It's about embracing life in its totality, and it comes with some of Toby's most endearing vocals yet.

Gilded songcraft, 'Chaos' taps into some of the difficult energies we've all had to absorb over the past two years.

He comments: “‘Chaos’ is the journey we’ve all been on over the past couple of years. The difficult times that we’ve faced, yet, continuing to hold onto a hope that we can see it through, and knowing that we will someday. I wanted to speak of impending road trips, losing love, and the turmoil of being stuck indoors.”

Toby adds...

“‘Chaos’ itself refers to Chaos theory (the butterfly effect) and how something as small and delicate as a butterfly's wings can cause hurricanes across the world. I’ve learnt that If our own future can be so easily predetermined by the minor decisions in the present, then appreciating each and every moment as if they’re our last is important. Despite the challenges I explore throughout this EP, I want you to come out the other side feeling a little stronger, just like I have. Life’s a weird little journey, but with a bit of time, patience and self-love, it can only get better.”

We've nabbed this neat music video, with its muted tones perfectly reflecting the bruised nature of Toby Johnson's songwriting.

Tune in now.

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