Online TV Show Starring Jont

Travelling troubadour and famed strummer of the six string Jont has begun a series of house parties all round the UK - and readers can view them all!

The songwriter has a history of packing up his bags and heading out on the road - at the age of 17 he travelled across America until he met legendary Beat poet Allen Ginsberg. An acclaimed writer, as well as a singer, Jont is a multi-talented individual who is determined to take his message to the nation.

Through Myspace the singer forged a series of contacts and began to travel across the UK, guitar in tow. After meeting up with like-minded musicians, the resultant chaotic sessions would be filmed and broadcast on the internet as the wonderfully anarchic show "The House We're In".

Essential viewing, has Episode 5 of "The House We're In", filmed in Birmingham, featured below which has a rather dramatic ending.


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