It's a delicately crafted stop motion affair...
The Fjords (Credit: Geir Mogen)

The Fjords started as singer Petter Vagån’s solo dissertation at Trondheim Jazz Conservatory.

Once the songwriter had started to create, though, he swiftly found that he simply couldn't stop himself; and so his homework became an all-encompassing passion.

New single 'Lost' could well be the most potent thing The Fjords have achieved just yet, a further sign that they have evolved from Petter Vagån’s imagination into a muscular, creative four-piece.

The video was helmed by the singer, who illustrated the faces we see in the final clip. It's a delicately crafted stop motion affair, matching the song's brooding electronics and that taut lyricism.

Of the song itself Petter offers: "I got to witness how a person can manipulate and grind down another persons sense of reality and self worth. A friend of mine found herself in an emotionally abusive relationship that started to take a turn towards physical abuse. It took some time for her to regain her own perspective and see the world untainted by his sickened narrative, a slow descent from a dark place. Now she's back, and free."

A hymn to self-worth and self-discovery, 'Lost' is online now.

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