"It's a fight between success and failure..."

South London to Thailand, that's 11.

The rising alt-pop duo flew out to Thailand to record new material earlier in the year, basing themselves at the Karma Sound Studios.

Written, recorded, mixed and mastered at the beautiful location, the duo - James Lamb and Richard Craker - found themselves lost in music.

New single 'Best Of Me' emerges from these sessions, and it's about saying 'no' to negative energy, and remaining on your own path.

They explain: "It's about not allowing negative energy to take you off your path. It's about mind-state, the internal battles that we all have... It's a fight between success and failure, where success is landing all the punches."

The video picks up on these themes, with director Ellicia Lotherington steering the clip. James Lamb tells Clash...

Our visuals are just as important to us as our music and, having worked previously as an actor, I really wanted to push the boundaries in terms of my performance and portray the same emotion of the song through the medium of film. I was given this opportunity when shooting the visual to our first single 'Find A Way' directed by Charlie Reader, which was strictly narrative based so we thought we would combine both performance and narrative on this one to give the public an introduction to the two of us who make up 11.

'Best Of Me' is a fight song and I originally had an idea of fighting myself in a boxing ring but, when our director Ellicia Lotherington brought her concept to the table, we knew she meant business. Ellicia put me through a full day of real life torture and if I’m honest I enjoyed every second.

Being waterboarded and hung by my feet was an experience to say the least, it's Rich's turn next!

Tune in now.

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