Enticing new video...

Music and literature tend to go hand in hand.

Based in Hackney, Seftel - an alter ego for Larry Seftel - knows this better than most. Deeply literate, the producer seems to meld a love for enchanting, otherworldly sounds with the written word.

Harking back to the bewitching psychedelia of Robert Wyatt but with an avant techno edge, the producer will collate his findings to date on a self-titled debut album.

'Seftel' was completed with assistance from Panos Ghikas and Johannes von Weizsäcker of The Chap. Clash has received a little preview.

Using his skills as a film director, Seftel has pieced together a video for 'Architects' and it's something quite special.

Seftel - Architects from Lo+LOAF TV on Vimeo.

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