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Whoah. Diesel:U:Music have really excelled themselves this time...

Stockwell’s finest, award-winning rapper Mr Roots Manuva himself will be gracing D:U:M’s humble Dalston studio tomorrow evening, for a whole two hours! And they better have some extra supplies at the ready, for it sounds like he’s bringing people with him.

With some of the best architects of intelligent urban noise around, forget Them Crooked Vultures, the ultimate hip-hop super group has arrived, and they’re heading over to Diesel:U:Music radio. Rodney Smith's London-based collective, the Banana Klan, will be tickling your cochlea with a selection of tracks from their sparkly new repertoire, all straight from the horse's mouth of course. And who's at the centre of this sprawling conglomerate? None other than Miss Dawn Penn, yes, yes, yes. (See what I did there?!). Jeez, it’s going to be a bit of a squeeze. And it’s going to be pretty DAMN raucous in there.

DO NOT miss this show, tune in HERE at 7pm.

Read more about Roots Manuva HERE

Words by April Welsh

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