A wry view of the modern pop machine...
Wesley Fuller

Perth, Australia songwriter Wesley Fuller is a true original.

Last year's debut EP presented a talent who didn't care much for the rules, obeying and breaking them as he saw fit.

Debut album 'Inner City Dream' arrives on September 22nd, following sessions at various studios around Melbourne.

Clash is able to premiere new cut '#1 Song' and it's a wry, cynical sideswipe at the modern pop machine.

Tired of seeing the same artists in the charts? This one's for you...

“I think everyone in the scene knows to a certain extent that it's all bullshit. So why take it too seriously? You've got some artists with 20 tracks in the Top 30. The gap between the big stars and the indie bands are worlds apart,” he explains. “There's really no money in music at all unless you're at the very top. To get there you have to compromise your dignity and be prepared to release some pretty pedestrian shit.”

Tune in now.

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