Vilde (Credit: Elin Ghersinich)
Intriguing alt-pop...

Australian born alt-pop artisan Vilde could well be familiar to you.

Former frontman with KINS, his pop dalliances occupy their own realm, and this has surged into fresh territory with his solo output.

New collection 'Study / Dance' is incoming, and the signs are that Vilde is set to dazzle once more. He comments:

I hadn’t any idea for a theme in the beginning, the conscious element in the process is quite limited. It’s mostly reliant upon feeling resonance in the words rather than a specific line of thought. Sometimes I bring in some more conscious thinking, but if I really succeed, they somehow manage to fall into linear coherency.

I’m in it for the feeling of experiencing what poured out of me afterwards, rather than attempting to express any sort of certainty. If I was certain about something I suppose it’d be better as a novel.

'Warm Milk' is all off piste digital melodies and surreal lyricism, delivered with no small degree of style and panache.

We've nabbed the full visuals - tune in below.

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