Newcomer with an incredible sense of soul...
'Eli's Song'

Tony Blaize is a newcomer with an incredible sense of soul.

Surrounded by music from a young age the singer quickly absorbed classic cuts from Bill Withers, from Marvin Gaye, or even Lauryn Hill.

Yet he always wanted to put his own stamp on those recordings, to develop his own voice. Recently making an appearance n the 1Xtra Live Lounge alongside Sway, it seems that he's beginning to make his mark.

New cut 'Eli's Song' is a beautiful introduction. Sure, the voice recalls those classic Motown and Philly greats, but the approach is sheer 21st century.

At times, it feels effortless - a testament both to the singer's potential, and to the already realised ability of Tony Blaize.

Check it out now.

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