Featuring Singapore BMX collective The Circle Project...
These Brittle Bones

London based Chris Jones needed some time to himself.

Reaching 18th birthday, the precocious pop newcomer wanted to look inward, to assess where he was in life.

It's this instinct which prompted new song 'Healing', the latest missive to emerge from his alter ego These Brittle Bones. He explains:

"'Healing' came at a time when I allowed myself to feel resentment without shame, without feeling guilt at the fact I felt pissed off. The song became about standing my own ground without repressing my irritation to please others. It was a real moment of learning the importance of self-love: a shifting point where I allowed myself to stop apologising for who I am or how I choose to define myself."

Soothing alt-pop with a soulful feel, the dappled production allows plenty of space for These Brittle Bones to move, for expression to grow.

The full video was shot in the dead of the night by Jorik Dozy, and utilises the beauty of Singapore as a backdrop.

Famous BMX collective The Circle Project feature in the clip, with Chris commenting:

After three full nights of intense shooting, we finally wrapped everything up and my mates and I even went into school after no sleep the next day, such was our excitement. I couldn't stop crying the first time I saw the end product. I didn't realise until I saw the video for the first time that the video was actually a homage to the incredibly city where I had spent more time than my country-of-birth.

The way it captured Singapore's nocturnal beauty - and talent - blew me away, and the video was even shown at my Sixth Form graduation given that it represented the same experience for all my peers. It's something I will always cherish deeply, and am so excited to release and show everyone what I've been sitting quietly on for some time.

Tune in now.

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