Low key, pared down electronics...

Swedish-born, Berlin-based artist Carl Robin Kirchmann has always embraced change.

It's what fuels his SQRD project. Low key, pared down electronics, his subtle yet affecting work has a lingering emotional impact.

New EP 'Gold' takes this one stage further. The material was sparked by the end of a relationship, the closure of a period in his life that lasted more than seven years.

Carl comments: "Writing music was an attempt to handle and process what happened and in the same way to find my own path. I sit for hours and hours, I forget about everything else, and just focus all of my energy on the music. Now when I think about it, this might also producing - it makes me feel independent and I can do whatever I want from the initial idea to finished track."

Out shortly, Clash is able to tease the title cut. Intimate electronics with a soulful edge, you can check out the vocals below.

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