London indie outfit continue their rise...

Sloes introduced themselves with last year's powerful debut EP 'Chasing Tails', a record blessed with innate potential and curious breadth.

Heading back to their basement base in Dalston, Sloes began sketching out fresh ideas, new directions to follow.

New single 'Young' finds the band in a slightly reflective mode, focussing on their youth while looking directly to the future.

"'Young' is a song about adolescence," explain the band..."rebellion at its purest; lying to your parents, missing phone calls, subterfuge and all for the party you can't wait to go to. It's about dancing all night till you feet hurt and your clothes are drenched through. There's a time when we make our own rules, testing the waters just because we can. It reflects experimentation, the feeling of invincibility and laments a time when clubs were thriving rather than dying out and bright minds were full of more questions than answers."

Sloes have pieced together a new clip to accompany 'Young' - tune in below.

Watch the video now...

Check out the original track below...

Catch Sloes live:

30 London Old Street Records (HEADLINE)

17 Manchester City Square live at The Etihad Stadium

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