Danish project returns...
Reptile Youth

There's always been an innately visual quality to Reptile Youth's music.

Perhaps it's in those psychedelic tones, the fluttering elements of colour that pirouette through each track, or perhaps it's in the lyrical imagery. Whatever - it's in there.

New track 'Arab Spring Break (Part I & II)' is an ambitious return, with the Danish project expanding neatly into fresh realms.

Clash is able to premiere the accompanying visuals, which were directed by Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen. Entrancing fare, the film maker explains:

"I wanted to portray relationships. But this story is not only about relationships between lovers, it's also about friendship. To me the dynamic in relationships is a very fragile thing, and it's so interesting that it can change from positive to negative in a split second. And it's fascinating that we can't control it. I don't have an answer to what is good and bad when you're in a relationship. I simply wanted to try and portray feelings that I have experienced, and I believe others have as well."

Check it out now.

Reptile Youth - Arab Spring Break (Part I & II) from Reptile Youth on Vimeo.

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