Directed, filmed and edited by Courtney Bowden...

Sometimes you just have to know when to call it quits.

PLGRMS seem to know that, with each track from the Australian duo displaying a remarkable sense of succinctness, an awareness of when to cut things short and leave the audience wanting more.

New track 'Fool And Their Gold' though, looks at this in a more literal sense. “'Fools And Their Gold' speaks of someone denying the inevitable end of a relationship,” explains one half of the Australian duo Jonathan Bowden. “They can't – or won't – let go, despite knowing that it's not good for them.”

Despite approaching areas of heartbreak, grief, and loss, 'Fool And Their Gold' has an unerringly anthemic quality, shimmering pop that seduces and beguiles, remaining lodged in memory long after the speakers fade.

Out now, Clash is able to premiere the full visuals – which contain around six litres of honey.

Tune in below.

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