From new album 'Dream Underground'...
Piano Wire (Credit: Steve Gullick)

Piano Wire is a project born of the fetid imaginations of Sym Gharial and Andy Huxley.

Previously members of The 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster, the pair sluiced together their dank fantasies into this new realm.

Debut album 'Dream Underground' arrives in January (pre-order LINK) and it's an unrelenting trip through London's more lurid nether regions.

Cold as ice post-punk with a snarling sense of energy, the record is Piano Wire stripped bare - in some cases literally.

New cut 'Cherry Coma' airs first on Clash, and it's billed as "the hallucinations of a dark, neurotic sycophant lost and lonely in his drug addled obsession..."

Exhilarating, rib-cracking, addictive fare, you can imbibe 'Cherry Coma' below.

Catch Piano Wire at the following shows:

18 London X-posure show, Tooting Tramshed
25 London Oslo

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