A homage to 80s cinema...
'Full Throttle'

Muneshine has always had traces of cinematic influence on his music.

New cut 'Full Throttle' is a case in point: close your eyes and the track transports you to a sleak sportscar racing across an 80s highway.

The track features Darcys, adding extra depth to the shimmering neo-disco scenes.

Clash is able to premiere the video, a stylishly shot affair. Muneshine explains:

"I met RJ through Geoff McLean (Vision Film Co.) when I was on the hunt for an exciting new director for my 2015 single, ‘Sunshine’. I hadn’t seen much of his work, but Geoff’s the man and his taste is impeccable, so that suggestion was all I needed to hear. Needless to say, RJ knocked ‘Sunshine’ out of the park, so when I finished up ‘Full Throttle’ with Darcys, I knew exactly where to go for that fire."

"The only ‘must-have’ I put on RJ was my need for a sexy 80’s sports car (preferably a Lamborghini Countach – my all-time favourite auto-mobile) and he took it from there. We couldn’t source the Countach, but he got his hands on a cherry red Magnum P.I. Ferrari, and who can hate on that?! RJ gets all the props for this masterpiece, I couldn’t be happier with how it’s turned out."

Tune in now.

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