Directed by Philippe Lesage...
Mozes And The Firstborn

Great music connects, and few connect harder than Dutch psych outlaws Mozes And The Firstborn.

Lysergic fare with a garage punch, new album 'Great Pile Of Nothing' was given a full release via Burger Records, and it's an enthralling document.

Wonderfully brattish rock 'n' roll, the elastic musicality is set against often poignant lyricism that borders on the self-excoriating.

Melle Dielesen explains...

When I wrote 'Power Ranger' it was about realising I ought to take care of myself a little more. Something like: "Hey, look at this guy... He doesn't seem to be in the right place. Be nice to him!" It's one of the sparks of hope on our otherwise quite bleak album 'Great Pile Of Nothing'.

For the video I got in touch with film-maker Philippe Lesage: a friend and ex-teacher from a film course I once took. To me he's one of the most talented film-makers around at the moment and I thought it'd be awesome to have him direct a video for us. We asked him to do an edit of his 2012 documentary Laylou. A personal favourite of the band.

In Laylou we follow of a group of young adults during their summer right after graduating from high school. Lesage carefully captures the dreams and doubts of the kids and draws us deep into a world of teenage anticipation and boredom. Philippe's films are emotionally extremely powerful and I believe it has a lot to do with the fact that he's not trying to shove anything down our throats. He shows us; he doesn't dictate.

That is what I love about the 'Power Ranger video'. I know what it is about for myself, and at the same time I'm curious to know what it is about for others.

- - -

Watch it now.

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