Los Angeles based maverick...
Michael Stasis

The mythology of the Old West still lingers in the American imagination.

Each new generation seems to shape it to their own whims, tastes and concerns, an ever-evolving creation myth which functions as one of the Republic's most potent stories.

Michael Stasis is now based in Los Angeles, but grew up amidst the hills of Pennsylvania. Absorbing local folklore of wealthy industrialists, witches and dog-people, there's a sense of the ancient in his music.

Almost continually working, songs seem to tumble out of Michael Stasis on a near-daily basis. Collating some of his 'greatest hits', new album 'RIP III' is the singer's first on Arbutus Records.

Clash is able to premiere the video for 'The Necklace'. Vivid, surreal songwriting with a uniquely American bent, you can check it out below.

29 Philadelphia Milkboy

2 New York Palisades
3 Boston Out Of The Blue Too Art Gallery
4 Montreal Poisson Noir
5 Toronto Double Double
6 Detroit UFO Factory
7 Chicago Empty Bottle
10 Oakland Santo Studio
11 San Diego Seven Grand
16 Los Angeles Hush Club, The Hyperion Tavern

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