Three unique talents working on a singular vision...
Man Duo (Credit: Freya McOmish)

Man Duo is a new project from two old friends.

Jaakko Eino Kalevi and Long-Sam became close during their days in Helsinki, two highly distinctive talents working on their own thing.

Recently re-connecting, the pair decided to work on new material, something truly collaborative.

Man Duo is the result. “It’s really an equal effort when it comes to composing and performing. We both do everything and it all happens with great understanding,” says Sami. “The only exceptions are that I mix the tracks and play most of the guitar parts, and whenever a saxophone is needed, it’s Jaakko who’ll play that.”

New album 'Orbit' will be released on August 18th, with Clash able to share the epic slow-burner 'The Middle'.

The rumbling groove has a concrete weight, while the vocal comes from idiosyncratic Montreal artist Sean Nicholas Savage.

It's an incredible mixture - three very different musicians, working at one.

Man Duo will play a Kaya Kaya Presents show at Paper Dress Vintage, London on August 17th.

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