A beautifully shot black and white clip...
Lina Tullgren

There's an incredible fragility to Lina Tullgren's sound.

Methodical but never sparse, each part feels as though it is in its right place, with Lina's astonishingly intimate vocals on top.

Debut album 'Won' is out now on Captured Tracks, and it's a document of rare beauty, a supremely accomplished, lyrical, highly touching work.

Album standout 'Fate' has received a full video ahead of Lina's upcoming European tour, and it's the perfect accompaniment.

Black and white visuals that are simple without ever being stark, it's dominated by a pared down sense of creativity.

Lina Tullgren comments:

"Paranoia and movement are two distinctive parts of my (and more or less, everyone else's) existence. An over-active brain is consistently questioning whether or not the art they create "matters," whether or not their latest pursuit in friendship is reciprocated, whether or not the stranger on the subway is drawing a picture of them in their small notebook, if they said the right thing, if they typed the most witty comeback they could think of in the moment."

"I didn't have to tell any of this to Ari Ratner before we created this video; it was more that I said the words 'paranoia' and 'dance involving pulled limbs' and she ran with it. The collaboration that resulted in shooting was organic and comfortable. We've all felt like we were being watched at one point or another so please, watch me watching you being watched by Ari."

Tune in now.

Catch Lina Tullgren at the following shows:

8 London Shacklewell Arms
9 Leeds Hyde Park Book Club

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