Leeds psych rockers return...

Leeds group KOYO are taking on the world one show at a time.

An explosive live phenomenon, their gritty take on psychedelia has a character, an identity all of its own.

The band's debut album saw them grapple wth this on record, gaining vital experience and experimenting with new sounds.

Returning with new single 'Before', the group are ready to step beyond their debut, to explore fresh ground.

"The first album was just the beginning for us, and now we’ve really come into our own following a year of extensive touring," explains KOYO frontman Huw Edwards. "Before is the first song where we’ve really tried to capture the band’s character. We want to get across the energy and chemistry that defines our live show. If the last album was a studio project, what you’ll hear now is a statement of who we truly are."

He continues: "'Before' is about how we’re all born ourselves. Sometimes we just get caught along the way and end up so far down the rabbit hole we don’t know how to get out. It’s about finding the courage to get back to the person you really are inside.”

Gritty, raucous guitar music that comes draped in effects, 'Before' is online now - tune in below.

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