Blissful, twinkling, jazz-flavoured psych-pop scenes...

The team behind Mr Bongo celebrated Christmas last year by partying late into the night.

When they came into the office the next day - bleary eyes, clutching restorative junk food - they found an email waiting for them.

Kit Sebastian - the duo comprised of Kit Martin and Merve Erdem - had sent across their debut album, this strange, beautifully composed collection of songs.

Somewhere between Anatolian 60s pop, psychedelia, and late 50s post-bop jazz, 'Mantra Moderne' left them spellbound in their hungover state.

Out on July 19th, we're able to preview this very special record by sharing the full video for 'Kuytu', a song of quiet joy.

The video is a celebration of musical union, a lush affair that features dancers galore. Kit Sebastian explain...

"The song is about a mysterious figure whose presence brings heavenly love and joy. However, its unexpected disappearance leaves black sorrow in his/her lover's heart. In the music video, Music - rather than a human - is that mysterious being which brings the duo together. The video celebrates music and dance while also paying homage to Vagif Mustafazadeh whose music influenced the duo deeply."

"The aesthetics, inspired by the Azeri and Turkish folklore, accompanies the Azeri motifs in the song. It consists of three parts: a shrine for Mustafazadeh, duo’s preparation for their musical union and the celebration which unites everyone and in which the dancers and the musicians demonstrate their full potential. Various symbols and ritualistic acts are used throughout the video."

"Such as the duo’s arrival at the celebration scene with their eyes closed, a reference to the spontaneous beginning of their collaboration, without a conscious 'vision'. The video has a circular structure - it ends as it started to emphasise the permanence of Music and the impermanence of individual musicians that contribute to its history."

Tune in now.

'Mantra Moderne' will be released on July 19th - order LINK.

Photo Credit: Munéyuki Sugiyama

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