Bubbling electronic pop that goes a little deeper...
Juveniles (Credit: Richard Dumas)

Juveniles recall those early synth pop pioneers, who battled primitive equipment to produce something remarkable.

There's a sense of humanity to the project's work, with their debut album fusing the digital with the organic to wonderful success.

Returning with second album 'Without Warning', the band are showing no signs of slackening off the innovation.

Clash is able to premiere new cut 'Decoys', and it's a wonderful, graceful return. Bubbling synths meet stuttered vocals, with the lyrics continually hinting at a broader, deeper meaning.

Recalling Kraftwerk, early Human League, or even Hot Chip, it's a wonderfully nuanced return. Juveniles explain:

For this record I wanted to have a more collaborative approach. 'Decoys' was made over a night in the studio with Chris aka Le Comte, we patched a lot of synths together, jammed for hours and in the morning we had a new song.

Check it out now.

'Without Warning' will be released on March 24th - pre-order LINK.

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