"The sweetest romances are sometimes imaginary..."

JOEY FOURR brings your imagination to life.

A pop savante, their debut album 'TO THE FLOORR' emerged last year, a stunning, vivid evocation of other-worldly melody.

New record 'VELVET REALNESS' is incoming, and it promises to be another excursion into uncharted realms.

'BATH TIEM' has been given a full video, and it's a startling glimpse into JOEY FOURR's world.

They explain: "The song is a genuine ode to those glorious orange, blue and pink sunsets on a beach we as people living in Britain only ever see whilst watching videos of California, Hawaii, Sri Lanka, the sweetest romances are sometimes imaginary."

Tune in now.

'VELVET REALNESS' is due to be released on May 29th.

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