A never before heard track...
Joel Compass

The concept of British R&B has always been a strange, alien one.

Divorced from the endless glamour of the United States, the scene's UK equivalent has continually felt out of step, divorced slightly from the conversation.

Yet this feeling is something which a new breed of artists are turning to their favour. London newcomer Joel Compass, for example, utilises this as a sense of introversion, a sense melancholy.

There's a soulful edge in his work, with previous tracks - such as the rightly lauded 'Astronaut' - marking Compass out as an inventive, unique young performer.

Agreeing to shoot a session for Transmitter as part of their Class Of 2014 series, the rising singer opted to spring a surprise. 'Blank Space' has only rarely been heard in concert, with Joel Compass keeping the track under wraps.

Well, it seems the time is right to unveil 'Blank Space'. Singing along with only a strummed guitar for accompaniment, it demonstrates that beneath the forward thinking production, the adventurous arrangements lies a precocious songwriter steeped in a rich lineage of soul and R&B.

Watch it now.

Photo Credit: Neil Bedford

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