Warrior pop from Finland...
Jaakko Aukusti

Jaakko Aukusti likes to term his music 'warrior pop'.

Now, that isn't because he's violent - in fact, the Finnish fellow is perhaps the most timid soul you'll meet.

But there's a sense of daring, of artistic bravery in his music that more than deserves the 'warrior' epithet.

New cut 'Himalaya' is a case in point. Packed with bright colours and vivid ideas, Clash is able to premiere the accompanying visuals.

Jaakko explains: "The aim of the video was to recreate the feeling I had making the song; I recorded it at my apartment and in a dimly lit studio in Helsinki, but the song feels massive and full of bright sounds so we stuck a small conference room full of industrial lights and video projectors and started shooting with a really expensive camera."

Watch it now.

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