New album 'Man Made Object' incoming...
GoGo Penguin

Manchester trio GoGo Penguin perform strange operations on jazz.

Minimalist composition with an incredible sense of groove, the three-piece fuse electronics with a rather more traditional band format.

Working with legendary imprint Blue Note, the band's new album 'Man Made Object' will be released on February 5th (pre-order HERE).

“The title is partly inspired by my fascination with ideas of robotics, transhumanism and human augmentation,” says pianist Chris Illingworth. “We’re recreating electronic music on acoustic instruments. It’s like a man-made object that has become humanised and it seemed like a good album title, one that also means something different to each of us, and hopefully to each listener.”

Ahead of this, Clash is able to share the video for new cut 'All Res'. Dexterous and rhythmically nimble, you can dive in below.

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