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Coy, sweetly innocent pop set against animated visuals...

LA producer FRND has always had a sweet side to his music.

Electronic pop that is unafraid to embrace melody, there's a cute innocence to much of his releases.

There's plenty of imagination, too, and nowhere is this more evident than new single 'Before U I Didn't Exist'.

A love-fuelled digital hymn, it's an addictive, sugar sweet confection that is reminiscent of a rather more sincere form of PC Music.

We're able to share the video, a homage to anime that perfectly compliments FRND's music. He explains:

"'In the video for 'Before U I Didn't Exist', I wanted to capture the concept of forgetting the person you were before someone came into your life. I wanted the aesthetic to be a desolate, post-apocalyptic robot future, influenced by my favourite video game, Fallout 4."

"The robot koala (or as I call him, KoalaBot) represents the emotions of someone bringing a feeling to your life that you didn't know you were capable of. Once he sees the light and joy the person has brought him, he is willing to sacrifice anything for their well-being."

Dair Biroli explains: “My idea is to explore emotionally the connection between humans and technology, creator and creation. In this abandoned and collapsed earth, people migrated to another planet system and our characters are trying to reconnect to this humanity and during the video, we can see how this reconnection can change both characters life. My inspiration is this new space race, the boom of astronomy nowadays mixing it with an anime and cartoon aesthetic.”

Tune in now.

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