Fractal electronics with a haunted feel...

ECKOES is a multi-dimensional artistic entity.

The London based artist designs her own stage outfits, helps shoot her own videos, and takes charge of every aspect of her music.

New single 'Without Prejudice' matches fractal electronics to haunted pop melodies, with those singular piano notes proving to be incredibly atmospheric.

Out now, it's a potent return, one that underlines ECKOES' creative prowess while also pointing towards a bright future.

Speaking about the song, she said: "'Without Prejudice' is the sobering realisation of inevitable, imminent loss. Looking at where you’re standing and knowing that it’s impossible to stay here any longer. Then looking out into the void in front of you and wondering how you’re going to do this. Again."

"I’ve left space in the song so people can fill it with their own thoughts, their own stories - I hope the music carries them away. It’s unapologetically five and a half minutes long because that’s how it came out, & not all art is born the perfect length for radio. I’m OK with that."

The strikingly shot video places ECKOES at the front and centre, with the evocative lighting producing different moods, different atmospheres.

ECKOES said: "As I untangle myself more and more from what people think, I can really feel myself blossom. This is the first one of my videos that I appear in, so it’s a landmark for me. It’s courage, it’s expression, it’s faith in my creation and the audience to come on this journey with me."

Tune in now.

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