The rising star of Soul Clap Records...
David Marston

It's easy to let Jamaica get into your soul.

David Marston was born on the island, and there's more than a little Caribbean flavour in his music.

Adding elements of dub and soul to electronic music, his productions go a little deeper than most.

The rising star of Soul Clap Records, new EP 'Kindness Of Bearer' (purchase LINK) features a host of special collaborations.

'True' is a collaboration between Marston, Jordan Rosenberg, Aubrey Nolan, and London-based vocalist, Beth Aggett, and there's a real sense poignancy here.

Clash is able to share the accompanying visuals, and they build upon the solemn introspection of the music itself.

- - -

Directed by Sebastian Hernandez & Nahir Francis
Edited by Sebastian Hernandez & Alix Edwards

Main Actress: Maya Smith
Cast: Alix Edwards, Nahir Francis, Jennifer Holford, Sheri shih hui chang, Asa Hsueh, Kisa Morgan, Joe Heath & Kevin Giordano

'Kindness Of Bearer' is out now on Soul Clap Records.

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