Australian electronic rock act with international ambitions...
City Calm Down

City Calm Down knew that they had to drive themselves harder and harder.

The group were enjoying success in their native Australia, with their crisp electronic rock sound drawing fans to their cause.

But they wanted something bigger, something that felt true to them. Heading into the studio, City Calm Down worked long, long nights - and then went back to work.

New track 'Blood' channels this feverish atmosphere, a feeling of pushing themselves right to the brink.

"This is a place I feel we ended up towards the end of recording the album," singer Jack Bourke says. "We were running late-night recording sessions during the middle of the week when we all had work the following morning, and we were all just emotionally exhausted by the end. Not to let an opportunity go to waste, we really tried to capture that sense of madness in the final chorus."

Packed with bite and venom, 'Blood' is a visceral return, and it's the perfect stopping off point for those new to City Calm Down.

Tune in now.

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