Engagingly intelligent alt-pop...
Caitlyn Scarlett

Caitlyn Scarlett does things her own way.

A natural outsider, she uses music to pick apart the society she is surrounded with, her sarcastic wit moving from gentle to cutting in just a sharp intake of breath.

New single 'Happy When' is an alt-pop gem, a breakout statement of sorts that is fuelled by new ideas and fresh imagination.

The full video airs through Clash, a colourful statement that underlines the red danger inherent in her name.

Caitlyn Scarlett explains:

"The visual for 'Happy When' was something I wanted do get right but also keep subtle, because the song is written with a vague sarcasm to it and it's true nature is to poke holes in some really unhealthy attitudes our society has towards romance. In the video we see someone (me lol) who is remaining alone by choice, wary of the downsides to relationships and also more comfortable doing their own thing. We also blew up a bunch of roses which was pretty neat, I was lucky to keep my eyebrows thanks to those yellow glasses.”

Tune in now.

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