London duo continue to impress...
'Saviour' screenshot

Continually to push themselves to new heights, Alpines regularly take control of their own visuals.

With debut album 'Oasis' out now, the pair aim to keep the hype flowing on new single 'Saviour'.

Pristine pop with an electronic flair, singer Catherine Pockson has stepped in to direct the accompanying video.

Shot on an abandoned beach on the Gower in Wales, it allowed Catherine to channel some of the emotional energy from the song into the visuals.

"For me this video came as an all encompassing experience, where it took all of my energy and creative strength to try and represent the track, which is a very important song to me," she said. "Saviour is about the strength of a bond that you have with somebody and that bond represents a lifeline and something that is within your blood and veins, which to me is so rich and strong."

Watch it now.

Catch Alpines live at the following dates:

25 Paris Silencio

3 London Oslo
9 Bristol Fleece

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