The noir wave revolution continues...
Petite Noir

Petite Noir is, simply, one of a kind.

Thankfully, the South African artist is busy finding like minds. Debut album 'La Vie Est Belle / Life Is Beautiful' is out now, and finds Petite Noir extolling the virtues of 'noir wave'.

Rooted in pan-Africanism and Afro-futurism, noir wave "challenges the old perceptions of Africa and champions the new, forward thinking creativity coming from the continent."

Director Alan Del Rio Ortiz has shot a clip for 'La Vie Est Belle / Life Is Beautiful', with creative director Rochelle Nembhard adding: "With this video, I wanted to play on the manipulation of space - what it means to us in a world of design, technology and architecture, and how the spirit functions in relation to all these different virtual "realities". Noirwave is constantly stepping into new spaces and breaking down the conceptions of what those spaces mean and represent."

Check it out now.

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