Vancouver duo preface new album ‘The Heavy Steps Of Dreaming’...

Minor Pieces is the connecting point between two highly distinct artists.

Rooted in Vancouver, the project unites Ian William Craig - an acclaimed modern classical composer with 10 albums to his name - alongside Missy Donaldson, a potent multi-instrumentalist and vocalist.

Applying the same aesthetics that fuel Ian William Craig's celebrated work to a more song-centric format, Minor Pieces recall everyone from Grouper to Talk Talk, Cat Power to My Bloody Valentine.

Restrained minimalism that remains heavily suggestive, the project will release new album ‘The Heavy Steps Of Dreaming’ through Fat Cat Records on October 4th.

New composition 'Rothko' perfectly encapsulates their potent aesthetic, with an atmosphere that flits between the overtly beautiful and the frankly eerie.

Impossible to pin down, the full video for 'Rothko' builds on this, occupying a kind of nowhere-scape, this liminal state between abandoned industrial grounds and the true Canadian wilderness.

Minor Pieces explain...

“The filming took place at the dusk of a full moon on a backdrop of neglected industrial grounds temporarily softened by the setting glow of the sun. We endeavoured to explore shedding layers of personal and creative discomfort, while revelling in how the light changes and flows through and around objects facilitating energetic exchanges.”

“There is a certain awkwardness to music videos, a new experience for both of us, and we thought there was a connection between our own self-consciousness and that inherent to bringing a song to where it needs to be, moving through the stages of letting go and holding on, just a little too long.”

Tune in now.

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