The video to 'Love You Better', exclusive to Clash...

Brighton’s The Maccabees are to lift the curtain on their second long-player ‘Wall Of Arms’ with the release of new single ‘Love You Better’, and you can see the video for the song exclusively on

The band seem to have discovered a rougher edge in their sound since the release of 2007’s excellently breezy ‘Colour It In’, which spawned the single ‘Toothpaste Kisses’. ‘Wall Of Arms’, based on what we’ve heard of it, is a much darker proposition, daring to pursue avenues of artistic exploration no debut should venture near. It is maturity manifested without cliché, a follow-up to conquer rather than complement.

‘Love You Better’ serves as a fine introduction to its parent album, its staccato arrangement insistent of impression but never masking an emotionally rich core. Some’ll hear more than a nod to Adam and the Ants – but hey, that’s no bad thing so far as we’re concerned.

The Maccabees are on tour NOW – check their OFFICIAL WEBSITE for details. ‘Love You Better’ is released on Fiction on April 27, with ‘Wall Of Arms’ following on May 4.


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