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London Grammar

Youth is such a precious commodity.

Fragile, compact, limited to such a short time frame, youth has all the splendour, innocence and promise you care to mention.

Which is what makes London Grammar such an odd proposition. Formed at university, the band are still fresh out of their teens yet have become one of the most heavily dropped names in the music industry.

And their new single? 'Wasting My Young Years'. A beautifully executed piece of heartbroken pop music, this is languid, melancholic, anthemic in a way Lana Dey Rey can only dream of.

Yet for some reason, London Grammar still believe that they're wasting their young years... Strange.

Watch the video now on ClashMusic.

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London Grammar are set to play the following shows:

15 London Islington Academy (SOLD OUT)
16 Brighton St. Bartholomew (The Great Escape)

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