It's part of his incoming EP...

Lawrence Taylor is taking on the world one show at a time.

The songwriter's bold, intense approach is completely raw, wholly believable, with his live performances bristling with energy.

His new EP lands on Friday - June 14th - and it contains some superb work, with the depth of lyricism intertwined around his own life.

Ahead of this, though, Clash is able to deliver something special. Stripped from the new EP, 'No Messiah' has a particularly special place in Lawrence Taylor's life.

He explains: “This EP is so important to me because it’s a soundtrack to the last few years. We all go through ups and downs in life, we experience self doubt or wonder if we’re on the right track - it’s an unavoidable part of any process, but you get there in the end... a little bit older and a little bit wiser. 'No Messiah' is about one part of that journey...”

Terse lyricism and that urgent, powerful vocal, 'No Messiah' contains a peculiarly personal message, but delivered in a universal way.

We've grabbed first play of the video - tune in now.

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