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KOATES don't shy away from emotions.

The London risers make music that feels raw, unadorned, tapping into their own experiences to express something universal.

Take new single 'The Right Place'. Anthemic songwriting with a real sense of poignancy, it was produced by Gary Go and achieves what they label "a real live, raw band sound".

The vocal was laid down at 2am, and that late night feel - a time when emotions and the imagination are stretches - permeates the final take.

KOATES explain: “Imagine finding something that you really love, but you know isn’t good for you. You try not to focus on the negatives; you brush over them, desperately searching for the positives. That’s what this song is based on. Much like an addiction, you crave the buzz you get, but the consequences are never pretty.”

“This song is based on a relationship turning toxic. One day you can experience total happiness and euphoria, the next you hit rock bottom. That constant Ping-Pong effect: fight, make up sex, fight, make up sex, is what inspired ‘The Right Place. Just hoping that the toxicity would disappear and you could be in good place.”

The single is out now, and with KOATES set to play London venue the Lexington on Friday (November 16th), they've decided to share the full video for the track.

Softly shot, the beautiful colours perfectly augment 'The Right Place' - tune in now.

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