Fred Perry convenes The Specials’ and The Charlatans' leading men to chat

It’s difficult to find a moment of calm amid the multifarious musical happenings that is Dot To Dot Festival, but despite the myriad distractions on offer during its Nottingham leg, two iconic British lead singers took a minute to sit together in a backstreet cafe and share their philosophies and experiences.

Invited by Fred Perry, a brand so integrated with and supportive of subculture, Terry Hall - he of The Specials and Fun Boy Three fame - and Tim Burgess - Charlatan, author, coffee connoisseur - embarked on a fascinating conversation that spanned everything from their respective roots to carving an identity, thoughts on distinctive style, and being robbed by the Happy Mondays.

Hall is wonderfully droll, and Burgess - polite and cheering - is the perfect foil. Watch their insightful summit here:

In addition, both artists contributed individual playlists and interviews to Fred Perry’s Subculture site - click here to listen to Terry's and Tim's choice cuts.



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