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Potent pop newcomer IMOGEN has shared her new single 'I Wish I Were You' in full.

On the surface, IMOGEN is a bold, potent force to be reckoned with, channelling a kind of vintage glamour that references "...the starlets of 1950s Hollywood."

Yet on her new single she sounds lost, adrift, with even her body letting her down. 'I Wish I Were You' follows on from her outstanding debut EP, and acts as a kind of bridge into her second chapter.

It's about losing control, the moment where all freedom is abandoned. She explains:

"The concept of ‘I Wish I Were You’ came from some personal experiences with infirmity. I wanted to capture, both sonically and lyrically, the sensation of being unable to be free in your own body coupled with the overwhelming desire to be, or to be someone else entirely."

Exuberantly stylish while also being hopelessly affecting, IMOGEN plays with light/shade on 'I Wish I Were You' to dramatic effect.

She continues: "The lyrics change from ‘I wish I were you’ to ‘I wish I were with you’ as a comment on the duality of jealousy and attraction when seeing someone else move so freely and effortlessly when you’re unable to. The desire to experience something as intimate as showering with them, but also be in the shower as them. Consuming and inhabiting."

"But, of course, another’s perceived freedom can be so deceiving - not everyone is truly happy within themselves. I guess overall the track is a lament of this viciously human cycle."

An emphatic return, we've got first play of the new video for 'I Wish I Were You' - more evidence, if any were needed, that 2020 could be shaped by IMOGEN.

Tune in now.

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