"You are the wind and I am the ocean..."
Horse Thief

It's a cliche to say that a band take you on a journey.

But it's a fact that Horse Thief have actually been on a journey. Originally from Dayton, Texas the band travelled to Oklahoma to study at the city's Academy of Contemporary Music. Boasting a musical background, Horse Thief refuse to let theory over ride their music.

Sure, they've got the chops - check out those tempo changes, the effortless way the group navigate sharp turns - but the band are dedicated to the song, to a melody being able to connect with people.

Working with Bella Union, new EP 'Grow Deep, Grow Wild' emerged earlier this week. A crisp, dynamic, confident introduction it finds Horse Thief attempting to find a way to fuse Americana and math rock, the emotive songwriting of The Smiths with something jarring, something challenging.

Stripped from the recent EP, 'I Am The Bear' is all stop-start-stop-start rhythms matches with lush, dreamy melodies. It's a curious mixture, but one they pull of well. A video has emerged, and - yep - ClashMusic have been given first play.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Grow Deep, Grow Wild' is out now.


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