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Glass Animals

These are salad days for Glass Animals.

The band's recent album 'How To Be A Human Being'' has been shortlisted for the Hyundai Mercury Prize, with live shows seeming to ratchet up the intensity every night.

Album highlight 'Agnes' is a real fan favourite, and it comes from a deeply personal place in the band's lives.

Vocalist Dave Bayley says: “There are varying degrees of autobiography and my own life in each song I write… but for the most part, that stuff is buried and clouded in fiction or blended with other peoples’ lives that I've heard about in taxis or at parties or on the street. But there is one song that stands apart from the rest. It is the most truthful, honest, and personal story I have ever written. and that song is ‘Agnes’.”

Director Eoin Glaister was charged with crafting a video for the track, and it pits the singer against the weight of centrifugal force.

Eoin explains: “In searching for ways to explore the weight of grief I remembered my grandfather used to perform tests on a human centrifuge, Essentially it’s an extremely large bit of kit that spins around very quickly. As it does so it subjects its occupants to increased levels of g-force. The faster 4you go, the heavier you become. On the day Dave described this feeling as like having an elephant sat on his chest. It was emotional. Appropriately so.’”

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