Get well soon, Guru!

Almost twenty years on, it's almost impossible to imagine just how creatively fertile hip hop was.

As the 90s dawned a series of groups emerged who took hold of the genre and pushed it in several different directions. With their tough demeanour and near impeccable flow, Gang Starr became one of the most influential of these groups.

In Guru the group found an incredibly gifted MC who matched tough lyrics with a purring voice which seemed that little bit more accessible than the growl of his macho contemporaries.

Gang Starr released a string of acclaimed albums, before going on hiatus after the Millennium. With Guru going down a jazz inspired route, it seems as if Gang Starr may never work together again.

However those concerns were put into sharp focus recently. Guru was rushed to hospital following a cardiac arrest and was briefly in a coma, with the rap star only recently beginning the road to recovery.

ClashMusic has grabbed the video to vintage classic 'Step In The Arena'. Watch it now...

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