Recorded in a big green bus...
Colin MacLeod

The internet has allowed artists across the country to get their voices heard without any need to book a train to London.

Empowering regional scenes, the web has over-ridden normal channels, letting mavericks in the back of beyond connect with fans across the nation and beyond.

Which is why Clash is so tickled with this next clip. Colin MacLeod previously recorded under the name The Boy Who Trapped The Sun, specialising in a thoughtful, whimsical, breeze-blown style of acoustic folk songsmithery.

Now using his given name, Colin MacLeon is continuing to stretch out and experiment. Stopping off on the Isle of Lewis, the songwriter agreed to record a quick live session - in the back of a green bus.

It's a unique setting, with the waves of the Atlantic washing against the shore and wind rattling against the windows of the bygone vehicle. Joining the songwriter Fiona Macleod and Jane Hepburn, while Jim Hope assisted in the film making process.

The results are quite beautiful. Colin MacLeon's open tuned, almost Delta blues approach is met by stomping fiddle, as he manages to craft a real intensity to sit alongside the pastoral environment.

Watch it now.

- - -

Colin MacLeod is set to release new EP 'The Anchor' through Middle Of Nowhere Recordings on October 21st.

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